17 Burgonians Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia has presented their outstanding collections with a special presentation by @jyk_fashionlabel Batik Durian Lubuklinggau.
Directed by Michael Pondaag a Fashion Director for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia.

Media Partner : @bazaarindonesia
Fashion Stylist : @michaelpondaag

“The Genesis” means is the origin of something or when it is begun or starts to exist.

Burgo Indonesia took the theme of “The Genesis” as a mark that we are ready to begin a new journey to repeat the success of the first decade or even to be more successful than before.

With the new Fashion Studio that will give more positive energy, more convinient and more exciting! This is also means the new starts for #Burgonians to achieve and succeed in what they believe in. Burgo Indonesia hopes that it will give a great vibes for every fashion dreamer to Begin Now.

No need to wait, no hesitate, just follow your Life Calling.


Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia focuses exclusively on creating fashion designers and developing their fashion brands. The word “stylist” in our program originated from the Italian word “stilista”, meaning designer.

Thus for Fashion Stylist program, becoming a designer means you have to be able to develop a strong creative concept and transform it into a garment. You will gain knowledge of how to create a collection starting from an idea. This is taught in a process through fashion design and pattern making classes. We also provide you with exclusive classes to enhance your skill in detailed progress. After you develop your collections, you will learn how to create a fashion brand and learn about the production cycle. All these classes are taught using the famous Burgo one-on-one method with a limited number of students per class, where our instructors will guide you personally with a customized curriculum according to your goals. We are here to help you get through each step to reach your goals.