About the Program

CLO 3D program is aimed at a professional student or minimum have a basic knowledge in digital fashion. This  course allows you to develop your design and pattern grading using a design software. It helps you to fasten the production process because by using CLO 3D you can quickly sketch designs directly on your Avatar and automatically generate the pattern pieces. This program will help you to understand how to work in 2D and 3D and develop your design easily. Here in Burgo Indonesia, with CLO 3D you will learn how to create high quality design digital fashion collection for NFT, Metaverse and also physical products, means you will get the pattern instantly that you van print and realize it into real garment.

  • Introduction of CLO 3D 
  • Customize the avatar as per measurements
  • Digital Pattern Making and digital dress making on avatar
  • Test your garments sizes and fitting
  • Applying fabrics and prints on the garments
  • Pattern grading
  • Show case your dress on digital Ramp walk

The primary goal of the course is to offer complete professional training through a personalised curriculum. To ensure that we deliver the best teaching method for our students, we teach using a one-on-one method where students are privately mentored by our instructors. Students will gain experience through tasks, projects, and presentations. You will get a personal guide and feedback through each project to ensure the best development of your skill. Our courses are very practical – 80% practical and 20% theory.

Adapting to the new normal, we provide a Virtual Learning Experience method through our remote classes.

  • Student understand the basic of CLO 3D (from Avatar to tools)
  • Student understand the fabrics arrangement and Grizimo
  • Student understand the partical distance
  • Student able to work with poligon tool
  • Student able to work with the editing tools
  • Student able to apply fabric to basic patterns using clo 3D tool
  • Student can make the garment construction, export files until pattern printing
  • Student able to work on presentation of  3D garment
  • Student able to make pattern for their collection
  • Projects can be used for NFT sales, social media, metaverse and physical production

*This class must be taken before taking the Fashion Entrepreneur program.

This course is suitable for students or fashion enthusiasts who has basic skill in Digital Fashion.

Through this course, we are providing you with the Burgo one-on-one method where you will be guided and mentored personally by our expert instructors. Each class has a limited number of seats, so you will be taught individually according to your goals. Each class is consists of:

  • One-on-one learning method
  • Personalised curriculum
  • Personal guidance and feedback from our instructors
  • Practical sessions
  • International certificate upon completion


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