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The Transformational Reconstruction (TR) & Origami Textile technique are experimental techniques that have gone viral around the world and have created an impact, thanks to their futuristic vision and innovative silhouettes.

The method has been taken by the hand of its author to prestigious institutions around the world.

Innovative pattern maker and designer, Shingo Sato is one of the leading figures of a new movement in the fashion industry. His “Transformational Reconstruction” (TR) technique is a combination of flat patternmaking techniques and three-dimensional draping techniques at the dress form.

Shingo Sato has written 3 books:
1. Transformation Reconstruction
2. Transformation Reconstruction 2
3. Transformation Reconstruction 3, Origami Depth, Vol 3

Progressing in complexity, his book portrays Transformational Reconstruction in detailed photographs and descriptions as it moves through increasingly elaborate design applications.

Shingo Sato has introduced and held TR workshops at leading fashion schools, such as Burgo Italia, Burgo Mexico, Parsons New York, and Central Saint Martin London, as well as other schools in more than 30 countries around the world, including Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines HongKong, Korea, Japan etc.

This year, for the first time, Shingo Sato will come to Jakarta, on 5-7 July 2023 and have master class with Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia. 


Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.

Day 1

– Introduction course, tools, preparation of moulage
– Learn how to moulage directly in dummy
– Learn to trace the pattern to the fabric
– Make a design of origami pattern with different shapes
– Learn how to create a heart shape
– Learn moulage with muslin & cotton fabric
– How to apply moulage tape in a dummy

Day 2

– Learn Origami textile techniques on top
– Learn origami textile technique on sleeves
– Learn moulage using soft fabric such as Nylon, Viscose, Tafeta, Chiffon &, etc
– Learn different moulage techniques such as: Origami moulage bamboo, petal, spiral & Vortex
– Learn to transfer moulage to pattern paper

Day 3
– Learn Origami moulage techniques Advanced
– Learn Origami seamed and origami reticulated
– Learn how to apply origami moulage on top

Through this course, we are delivering Burgo one-on-one methods to every corner of the world.  You will be guided step by step personally to ensure the quality of teaching. Each lesson will consist of:

  • Practical sessions
  • Personal guidance and feedback
  • Certificate upon completion

– Students able to know many types of moulage
– Students will be able to make a pattern with different shapes
– Student able to make a 3 Dimensional pattern
– Students are able to apply origami patterns on dresses, jackets, pants, etc.

Design can be created from the process of the pattern making. By taking this program, you can be a fashion designer who will be more intuitive, artistic and innovative. Because the Transformational Reconstruction technique can seize up the boundaries and to deconstruct without limitation, gives you so much more possibilities to be creative.

Shingo Sato combines the complexity of origami, haute couture, flat pattern design, and draping in his design with exceptional elegant seaming that let the materials flow around the body. It creates some kind of futuristic shapes and optical illusions!

This course is also the best way for you to get to know the secret of geometric construction the Japanese art of origami technique.

The TR technique continuously pushing boundaries in the creating sphere by combining the traditional flat pattern making and radically unfamiliar 3D volume form. Brands like Dior and Iris van Herpen are standing out with their monumental design. They are an example of high brands that successfully elevate the draping game. By joining the course and mastered the technique, you can invent your own monumental, unique, transformative design.

Shingo Sato has been around the world in more than 30 countries at most prestigious fashion schools from Parson, IFT New York, Central St, Martin London, Istituto di Moda Burgo Internationally, and this is the first time of the master to lecture in Indonesia.

Be the first and part of the best Global Students who have high level fashion skills to facilitate your personal, academic and professional growth.

Course Fee, Duration, and Location

Program Fee

Starts from
IDR 1,650,000/month
Cashback IDR 2,000,000

(with Tokopedia Installment)


Early Bird Offer
Register in May 2023
Disc IDR 4,000,000

5-7 July 2023
3-day course
Time: 09.00-16.00
Place : The Plaza Office Tower, level 45

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