Pattern Making

Pattern Making is one of the most important aspects of the manufacturing process in any kind of production house. Pattern makers transform a design into a pattern which will be developed into a garment. The job of a pattern maker consists of creating patterns and manipulating those patterns to get the perfect shape and fit while maintaining proportion and style of the original design. Creating a garment prototype as a sample is the goal. Through this course you will learn human body measurement and international standard body measurement to ensure a perfect fit in the result, from womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, sport, swimwear, until lingerie in flat pattern. Familiarity with fabric and skillful sewing is what enhances the quality of a garment. Here in Burgo Indonesia, you will also learn how to create and supervise prototype production, ensuring the quality of the collection.

  • Human Body Measurement
  • Standard Body Measurement
  • Ease Allowance Study
  • Transferring Darts
  • Pattern Making
  • Study of Collars
  • Study of Sleeve
  • Study of Skirts
  • Study of Trousers
  • Industrial Pattern Making
  • Pattern Layout
  • Tailoring Technique
  • Industrial Technique
  • Quality Control
  • Textile Class
  • Technical Pack
  • Reading Designs
  • Pattern Grading Technique
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Production Flow and Planning
  • Developing Fashion Brand and Collection
  • CLO 3D

The primary goal of the course is to offer complete professional training through a personalised curriculum. To ensure that we deliver the best teaching methods for our students, we teach using Burgo’s one-on-one method where students are privately mentored by our instructors. Students will gain experience through tasks, projects and presentations. You will get personal guidance and feedback through each project to ensure the best development of your skills. Our courses are very practical with 80% practice and 20% theory.

Adapting to the new normal, we provide a Virtual Learning Experience method through our remote classes.

  • Students have mastered basic pattern
  • Students have mastered manipulating pattern
  • Students able to read a design
  • Students able to prepare and work with technical pack
  • Students able to craft high quality garments with Italian craftsmanship
  • Students able to differentiate and choose best materials for collection
  • Students able to create a bespoke garment
  • Students able to create mass production garment
  • Students have mastered the entire production cycle from creative process to finished product
  • Students are ready to work in their chosen fashion field (pattern maker)

This course is suitable for beginner students, fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, fashion illustrators, pattern makers, and dressmakers who want to enhance their skills. This course is very welcoming for beginners with no background in fashion before who want to explore their creativity and gain new skills.

Through this course we are providing you with our Burgo one-on-one method where you will be guided and mentored personally by our expert instructors. Each class has a limited number of seats so you will be taught individually according to your goals. Each classes are consists of:

  • One-on-one learning method
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Personal guidance and feedback from our instructors
  • Practical sessions
  • International Diploma certificate upon completion

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