julianto burgo proud milan

Milan – Julianto is renowned for his signature touch, spotlighting the feminine essence of women and creating a vision of luxury, elegance, sensuality and sophistication for those adorned in his dresses.

And Julianto is set to infuse this very essence into Milan, promising to electrify the city with his latest fashion show.

The designer finds inspiration in Earth and Fire for the ten looks he will present at the Runway Show, Emerging Talents Milan Spring/Summer 2024 in Milan, Italy on Thursday, September 21, 2023. The collection is aptly themed: Flames.

“The Fire element encapsulates my passionate journey in the world of fashion. Meanwhile, the Earth element represents the foundation that I stand upon,” Julianto explained the concept behind his new collection.

Emerging Talents Milan shows are scheduled to coincide with Milan Fashion Week, drawing the attention of fashion stakeholders worldwide as they converge on Milan for the main event. Therefore, Emerging Talents Milan shows are generally categorized as “during Milan Fashion Week”.

julianto burgo proud milan


Julianto, an alumnus of the Istituto di Moda Burgo in both Indonesia and Milan, received an invitation to showcase his remarkable creations at the event. His dream is to revisit the very place where aspiring young designers are nurtured and trained, and this aspiration has motivated him to return “home” to Milan and unveil his latest collection in the city.

Through the debut of his new collection in Milan, Julianto is not only making a fashion statement, but also reaffirming his dedication to consistently delighting fashion aficionados with his exceptional creations. Furthermore, Julianto, who also Burgo Proud, will showcase this collection in La Moda Cafe, Jakarta on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, in the presence of friends, fashion enthusiasts and members of the press. *