Becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur this year 

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This Fashion Entrepreneur program aims to create students to be a designer with sustainable business value and marketing creativity, profitable business strategy, craftsman excellence taking advantage of Eco friendly material use, and a skill to tell a story about their ideas and values in each collection they made. 


Fashion Entrepreneur Class 2022 starts from January 10th to May 13th 2022 

(open register for each class/module) 


What you will learn:

  • Brand DNA, Concept and Logo 

  • Fashion Communication & Journalism 

  • PR & Marketing Fashion Trend 

  • Fashion History 

  • Fashion Photography 

  • Design Development for High Quality Production 

  • Design Development with CLO 3D 

  • Fashion Business (Costing and Business Plan) 

  • Fashion Image (How an image can communicate your vision) 

Burgo Milan 


  1. Jonathan O’Garr (Founder of Studio Link UK and Brand Consultant) 

  2. Deden Siswanto (Indonesian Fashion Designer) 

  3. Dr. Tatiana Rosenstein (Art, Film, & Fashion Historian) 

  4. Taruna K. Kusmayadi (Founder and Executive Member of one of the prestigious fashion designer association in Indonesia) 

  5. Asteria Elanda (Head of Public Relations and Business Communication Manager at MRA Media) 

  6. Sudheer Surya Karuturi (Digital Fashion Instructor and International Designer) 

  7. Yousef Alwini (Founder HastaPrada & Co)


Fashion Entrepreneur Program

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Class via Zoom 

In Real Life (IRL) Class at Burgo Indonesia, The Plaza Office Tower unit A2 Lv. 45, Jakarta

Open for Public !


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Fashion Entrepreneur June 2022 (VLE only)

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