Master Class Alta Sartoria with Lusine Takhverdyan

Alta Sartoria Master Class with Lusine Takhverdyan

Did you know that Luneville embroidery is originating from the French town of Luneville (Lorraine, France) where in the late eighteenth century a number of embroiderers had settled.

And this year, we are so excited to have Lusine Takhverdyan, a professional embroiderer in Paris who has been working with Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Celine. She will have master class this August for Luneville and also 3D embroidery and Silk Painting.

Having years of experiences in the fashion industry, Lusine has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and completed all levels of teachings from the distinguished school of embroidery . She also has created her own pieces and collaborated with many professional.

The Alta Sartoria Master Class will be held on 22-27 August 2022, in Burgo Indonesia, The Plaza Office Tower.

Get free 51 Hours Pattern Making for Master Class Preparation; Basic Beading 17 Lessons, Ready to Wear Flat Pattern/Moulage 17 Lessons, and Evening Wear Flat Pattern/Moulage 17 Lessons.

About Alta Sartoria

Alta Sartoria means “high-level formal wear” in Italian. With a total of 108 hours, you will learn more detailed lessons such as 3D Embroidery Haute Couture, Luneville Couture Embroidery, and Silk Painting.

This class will be mentored by the professional embroiderer in Paris, Ms. Lusine Takhverdyan, who works for some prestigious fashion houses such as Chanel, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent with years of experiences in fashion industry. Lusine has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and has completed all levels of teachings from the distinguished and the only oldest school of embroidery from the 18th century, ‘Lesage Paris’. Since her graduation, she has created her own pieces and she has collaborated with many professionals.

Through this course, we are delivering Burgo one-on-one methods to every corner of the world. With live video sessions with our instructors, it will be very interactive with both instructors and other students. You will be guided step by step personally to ensure the quality of teaching.