The Final Exam of Fashion Design Concept is BACK!

Dear Burgonians of Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia, and all the Fashion Enthusiast, please pay attention to the following announcement of the Final Exam of Fashion Design Concept Class.

The final exam of Fashion Design Concept class will be held by Tuesday, October 18th 2022 at 10.00-12.00 AM & 13.00-14.45 PM by offline at Burgo Indonesia Studio, The Plaza Office Tower, Central Jakarta.

Here are the list of Jury:

Guest Jury:
Mr. Russ Ev
Creative Director, co-Founder Emerging Talents Milan, Milan’s greatest international platform dedicated to emerging designers.
Profile : Born and raised in Russia. Bsc in Economic and Finance in St.Petersburg State University. MA in Art of Marketing in MIS Singapore. For several years worked as fashion editor of Razor Red Magazine Hong Kong, and then as editor in chief of Spy News Magazine.

Main Jury:
Ms. Jenny Yohanna Kansil
Founder and director of Burgo Indonesia

Mr. Amot Syamsurimuda
Mentor FDC and Indonesia Prominent Fashion Designer

Please be on time and dress well for the exam.
Good Luck Burgonians on your Fashion Design Concept Exam!


Fashion Design Concept 
In this era, fashion is not only about the garment. It has become a self-expression, one’s identity. Fashion is the lifestyle of designers portrayed in their collections. The concept of a collection is key to the brand identity in realizing it.

Through this course, we will introduce you to how the creative process works—starting from ideas, research, and how to arrange those into each piece of clothing in the collection. To explore your creative ideas and expand it to a wider range of possibilities where there is no limit to your collection.

The primary goal of the course is to offer complete professional training through a personalised curriculum. To ensure that we deliver the best teaching method for our students, we teach using a one-on-one method where students are privately mentored by our instructors.

Students will gain experience through tasks, projects, and presentations. You will get a personal guide and feedback through each project to ensure the best development of your skills. Our courses are very practical – 80% practical and 20% theory.

Adapting to the new normal, we provide a Virtual Learning Experience method through our remote classes.

Guest Jury

Main Jury

Jenny Yohana Kansil
Amot Syamsurimuda