We are so proud, during the pandemic our Burgonian Benita and Janice Setyawan launch their bridal collection with amazing world class Fashion Film in Palazzo Turati, Milan, Italy.

Here is the Prime Debute of Maquinn Fashion Film 2021
“Realm of Silence”
Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021

Inspired by the uniqueness of each individual and how it is reflected towards ourselves. It also shows how the pandemic doesn’t stop them to keep working on their masterpieces – shown here by the Baroque Style in Europe.

Through this collection, Maquinn wants to communicate how people can radiate strength and majesty through the Queen’s gown.

Synthesis between an exploration of characters and mythological allegory lies in the heart of MAQUINN Spring-Summer 2021 collection. The culmination of an artistic exploration that embraces cultural integration, hybridization & graceful fluidity, and female form. MAQUINN illustrated reminiscent of humanity’s identity into an array of Haute Couture creators unveilled amongst the Neo-Renaissance architecture of the Palazzo Emilio Turati.

Meant to evoke the fusing of humanity with mythology, MAQUINN reveals anamorphic cadences resembling images of cupids & baroque movements that was brought to life. It come festooned with three-dimensional embroidery, gold beading and white carvings. A paragon of exquisite and refined artistry of the Maison unceasingly seen within the impeccable artisanship.