“IMB Indonesia proudly present INFINITO – Unity in Diversity – a perpetual journey creating a limitless and boundless beauty in fashion by embracing differences and uniqueness’s which become interrelated and unseparated. Here is a list of beautiful and talented souls who merge in harmony for our celebration.”

Burgo Milan graduate, Jenny Yohana Kansil, opened Istituto di Moda Burgo (IMB) Indonesia on 1 August 2011. Her dream and ambition was to contribute an innovative solution to the fashion education sector in Indonesia as she had experienced artisanal Italian craftsmanship first hand during her study in Mila which included production systems, sewing techniques and perfect pattern making.During the 8 years of its existence, IMB Indonesia has grown and is now a place of value, integrity, spirit of excellence, passion, creativity, entrepreneurship and authenticity to all its Burgonians (Burgo alumni).

IMB Indonesia also believes that originality is what makes every creative person special: “nobody can beat you at being you!”.The 8TH Anniversary and the figure of 8 is synonymous with the infinity symbol which describes something without any bound or limit. And that is how we create fashion at Burgo. It is an art without end. A beauty which always captivates everybody’s attention before, now, and forever. This is what we envision the future of Burgo to become: INFINITO – A strong, unique, different, enchanting, perpetual influence of beauty and progress in the fashion industry.

Living in Indonesia with all our differences, we have always been growing together with the spirit of our national motto: unity in diversity. We believe that the differences and uniqueness which we embrace at Burgo will grow and advance together in order to achieve our vision and movement of #IndonesiaFashionFreedom as a global force. Therefore in our celebration today, IMB Indonesia has chosen many different talents to collaborate with. Our school is not only about fashion, it’s also about art.There will be amazing collections which are specially created by Burgo’s highly skilled instructors: Melanie Setiawan, Amelia Lau, Amot Syamsuri Muda and Jesslyn Santosa. Also from Burgonian Rising Stars, our selected students who have started to spark on the Indonesian fashion scene with their wonderful talents: Raegitazoro, Oxceloxcel, Untaian Asa and Julianto.The fashion is complemented and integrated in harmony with art paintings from Monica Hapsari @monicahapsari and dancing performances by Eyi Lesar @eyi_oei, Eriza Trihapsari @erizatrihapsari and Amanda Siallagan @amandabsurdity with our art director from Burgo Milan as the show director, BIAGIO BELSITO.

We are more than honoured that he will also perform on our stage showcasing his extraordinary live draping skills. Enjoy our celebration of art at Burgo 8th Anniversary on Thursday, August 29, 2019 at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia at 16.00 – 18.00. Sponsored by Puspita Martha International Beauty School and Ikatan Perangkai Bunga Indonesia (IPBI). Supported by Harper’s BAZAAR Indonesia, COSMOPOLITAN Indonesia, HerWorld Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Istituto Italiano di Cultura.