Open House and Exclusive Launch of New Program


Why Enroll the Fashion Stylist at Burgo Indonesia? Visit our Open House and Private Study Consultation "Mini Diploma Fashion Stylist" is our NEW and limited excellent 1 year program that is tailored to students who want to explore the world of fashion and learn Italian know how skills in fast track period. The students will learn A to Z a professional designer skills from design concept, trend forecasting, textile, fashion design till the design realized in Pattern Making Class. Student also learn how to find their brand DNA by coaching style interaction and fashion entrepreneur to decide the price, strategy [...]

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Burgo Presentation Day – BECOMING


Becoming is a Metamorphosis At this moment in time, we are locked inside our house like a cocoon, being at a one point in our lives but still trying to figure out the calling of our life. What can we do during this cocoon time? Burgo Indonesia Present: Burgo Presentation Day This is a time where you can explore more of your passion without any doubt, and prepare to be what you really are. It's a time to rise to the next level! Mark Your Calendar: Sunday, April 11th, 2021 1st Session at 11.00 AM (Jakarta Time) 2nd Session [...]

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Open House – December 5th, 2020


Out with The Old and In with The New We have been through the challenging journey along the year 2020 and we are very proud of our BurgoProud and also Burgonians that are not only talented, but also innovative and adaptable during this time as successful Indonesian Fashion Designers and also future Designers. - It is the time to let the old pass but always be in our memory.  And now is the time to let in the new journey and be ready for the next challenge in the year of 2021. What about taking two more steps forward? [...]

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Burgo Open House – September 2020


Do you believe a wish can be achieved? What if you can finally reach your dream in the fashion world and become the next international fashion designer? Find out the revealing story of our Burgonians - Benita and Janice from student into international fashion designer and their journey to Milan Fashion Week. And explore more about our cross Bachelor’s Degree program to those who want to continue their study in fashion to Bachelor. We are now opening our door for those whose passion is fashion.  Start your journey in fashion from now! Mark your calendar: Saturday, September 12th, 2020 - [...]

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Open House December


it's not only about how good you are, but how GREAT you want to be. There are plenty of amazing opportunities surrounding you if only you are mindful enough to notice them or brave enough to take them. It may come from an ordinary saying, a simple thought or an open house Burgo Indonesia event just like ours. Explore your passion and look for your opportunities. Book your seat now at

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Burgo Open House August


We are opening our doors for all passionate fashion geeks at our Open House this upcoming August! Burgo Open House is created to find the secret hidden gift inside you. It will allow you to discover new experiences, new insights and new dreams! […]

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