Virtual Fashion Show: Burgo X Bazaar Indonesia


THE GENESIS - VIRTUAL FASHION SHOW - AS A NEW CHAPTER FOR THE NEXT SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY 17 Burgonians Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia has presented their outstanding collections with a special presentation by @jyk_fashionlabel Batik Durian Lubuklinggau. Directed by Michael Pondaag a Fashion Director for Harper's Bazaar Indonesia. Media Partner : @bazaarindonesia Fashion Stylist : @michaelpondaag "The Genesis" means is the origin of something or when it is begun or starts to exist. Burgo Indonesia took the theme of "The Genesis" as a mark that we are ready to begin a new journey to repeat the success of the first decade [...]

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Maquinn Fashion Film 2021 “Realm of Silence”


We are so proud, during the pandemic our Burgonian Benita and Janice Setyawan launch their bridal collection with amazing world class Fashion Film in Palazzo Turati, Milan, Italy. Here is the Prime Debute of Maquinn Fashion Film 2021 "Realm of Silence" Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 _ Inspired by the uniqueness of each individual and how it is reflected towards ourselves. It also shows how the pandemic doesn't stop them to keep working on their masterpieces - shown here by the Baroque Style in Europe. Through this collection, Maquinn wants to communicate how people can radiate strength and majesty [...]

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Burgo Escalate: Open Day, Virtual Fashion Show & Burgo New Place


Start embracing the life that is calling you. Find your calling. Know what sparks the light in you so you can illuminate the world" - Oprah Over 15,000 Burgonians around the world has take their responsibility for their life calling, that was to be the insider of Fashion Industry. In order to get where they are, they realy used every single minutes they had toward their passion. It is not only about the day you bring your collection to the Fashion Show, but it is all about the preparation. The firm preparation of skills, authenticity, and attitude that Burgo [...]

Burgo Escalate: Open Day, Virtual Fashion Show & Burgo New Place2023-03-30T08:23:29+00:00

Burgonian at Heart of Hollywood Red Carpet 2020


BURGONIAN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Our Burgonians back again with their existence at International Fashion event – Heart of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet. This event was held exclusively by Heart of Hollywood Magazine – a magazine that updating all the information about Fashion, Travel, and Empowerment based in United States at November 14th, 2020, virtually with the platform using their website. Heart of Hollywood Magazine held this Fashion event internationally and followed by some international fashion brands around the world such as Macy’s, Swarovski, Mihaela Panaistecu, and many more including 3 Fashion Designers from Indonesia. They are Yosep Sinudarsono, Jesus Cedeno, [...]

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BurgoProud at ISEF 2020


BURGOPROUD at ISEF 2020. ISEF (Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival) is the first integrated platform of Islamic Economy that has been held since 2014. Recently, to contribute in the development of sharia economy and support our local designers in Indonesia, ISEF organized a fashion event called Virtual Fashion Show Modest Fashion ISEF 2020 from October 28th – 31st, 2020. This event was followed by 164 designers and carrying the theme of “Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Lifestyle”. During the event, the virtual fashion show presents a series of Muslim fashion styles, consisting of contemporary ethnic touches, formal, syar'i, to urban as well as [...]

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BurgoProud – Raegita Oktora at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020


Again and again, our Burgo alumni never stops in joining every fashion event in Indonesia or even Internationally – Raegita Oktora with her brand Raegitazoro, just showcased her collections at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 – Revival Fashion Festival 2020. We are very proud that through these challenging times, BurgoProud - Raegita keeps showing her presence in the fashion industry and always being innovative with her collections, never leaving her brand’s identity. Raegita displayed  her collections at  Fashionlink located on the 2nd floor of Senayan City Mall. 12 ready-to-wear looks are inspired by the New Normal lifestyle. [...]

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BurgoProud – Temma Prasetio at Jakarta Fashion Week 2020


We are very proud of our Burgo alumni - Temma Prasetio, Founder & Creative Director By Temma Prasetio. He was also the winner of the 2018 Menswear Fashion Designer Competition. In the middle of the pandemic, Temma showed his spirit in adapting to the new normal through the virtual fashion show for Jakarta Fashion Week - Revival Fashion Festival 2020 on the third day, August 9th, 2020. The ten total looks that are displayed look fresh, easy to mix and match, and are perfect for a youthful weekend style. And for the accessories in his collections, Temma collaborated with Pedro [...]

BurgoProud – Temma Prasetio at Jakarta Fashion Week 20202023-03-30T08:29:42+00:00

Burgonian at Milan Fashion Week 2020/2021


Burgo Indonesia is very proud of our Burgonians – Benita and Janice at Milan Fashion Week 2020/2021! They are the first Indonesian Fashion Designers to bring Batik to an International fashion show - Maquinn premier at Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020/2021.  Their collections were showcased beautifully in Palazzo Visconti, collaborating with an Italian stylist.  The title is Pilgrimage collection which represents the opening the door to the sacred forbidden garden, by the creation of Adam & Eve and temptation. From East Asia match with South Asia creative hand [...]

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