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Mini Diploma Fashion Stylist

Our NEW and limited excellent 1-year program that is tailored to students who want to explore the world of fashion and learn Italian know how skills in fast track period. The students will learn A to Z a professional designer skill from design concept, trend forecasting, textile, fashion design till the design realised in Pattern Making Class. Student also learn how to find their brand DNA by coaching style interaction and fashion entrepreneur to decide the price, strategy to enter the market, branding and plan the fashion business.

– one-on-one Burgo learning method that has been proven for 63 years

– personal made curriculum

– personal guidance and feedback from our instructor

– exclusive technical Burgo books as source of learning the Made in Italy craftsmanship

–  80 % practical sessions

– international diploma certificate from Burgo Italy upon completion

– Student able to continue the study with one admission only to Milan and Rome

–  Instructors and Professional mentor with International fashion experiences

  • Be original, unique, distinctive, mindful, and able to provide strong DNA of the designer
  • Have the attitude of a leader
  • Forecast trends
  • Able to understand the market
  • To leverage the local power link to local artisan and presented it in International level
  • Organize their business effectively in order to have a sustainable fashion business
  • Communicate their fashion brand to their audience/target market
  • Embrace Indonesian textile heritage and culture, being authentic Indonesian designers – Nothing can
  • beat you from being you
  • International market competition
  • Original/authentic culture packaged in modern look

The primary goal of the course is to offer complete professional training through a personalized curriculum with mentors that are in the Indonesia Fashion business, To ensure that we deliver the best teaching method for our students based on the working ethic in the Fashion World, we teach using one-on-one methods where students are privately mentored by our instructors.

Students will gain experience through tasks, projects, and presentations. You will get personal guidance and feedback through each project to ensure the best development of your skills. Our courses are very practical, 80% practical and 20% theoretical. Adapting to the new normal, we provide a Virtual Learning Experience method through our remote class.

4 Terms

Stage1: Skills

Stage 2: Concept

Stage 3: Fashion Entrepreneur, Result of the Product, 1 Collection (4 – 6 prototypes)

Stage 4: Fashion Show & Photoshoot

For you

This Mini Diploma course is suitable for beginner students, fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, fashion illustrators, pattern makers, and dressmakers, entrepreneur who want to enhance their skills. Here in Burgo Indonesia, we are welcoming for beginners with no background in fashion who want to explore their creativity and gain new skills. (see Burgo Milan)

Line preference that you can choose:
RTW/Spostwear / Kids wear/Modest wear/Lingerie/ Alta Sartoria / Bespoke

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